Hair Removal Treatments

Permanent Hair Removal Spa Touch LHE Photo-Epilation

Eyebrows                            $30     (One time treatment)             

Upper Lip                          $30      (One time treatment)            

Chin                                  $40      (One time treatment)             

Face                                    $50      (One time treatment)          

Underarms                         $45       (One time treatment)          


 Eyebrows                          $15                                Bikini                               $30

Upper Lip                         $15                                Brazilian                           $60

Chin                                 $15                                1/2 Leg                             $40

Underarm                         $20                                 Full Leg                            $65

Forearm                            $30

At our salon, we only use soft wax. Soft wax is applied over the area and then a small piece of muslin is placed over the wax. Afterwards, pressure is applied to make sure the wax adheres to the muslim. In one swift movement, the muslim is removed with the wax and hair. Due to the fact that soft wax acts as gentle exfoliator, the skin is left feeling silky smooth. This method is great for sensitive skin and capturing those Baby hairs that hard wax doesn't catch!