Learn the Art of

Permanent Makeup

Apprenticeship program includes:


Hands on Training

  • Procedure Application
    • Powdered Eyebrow, Sculpted Eyebrow and Micro Blading
    • Eyeliner,  Tightliner
    • Lip Liner/Full Lip
    • Cheek Blush
    • Areola Restoration | Camouflage
  • Technical Application of Machine 
    • Proper Insertion
    • Accurate Needle depth

                            *Includes assembly and cleaning of the machine*

    Informational Learning

    • Color Theory
      • Pigment mixing between cosmetic ink and skin tones
    • Pain Control
      • Appropriate use of topical anesthesia
    • Health and Safety
      • Sterilization and Sanitation
    • Procedure Care
      • Information regarding proper after care instructions that must be advised to clients


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