Permanent Makeup

For a Look That Lasts a Lifetime

Sculpted Eyebrows                              $300

Min mastered the first generation solid color eyebrows and then the second generation hair stroke eyebrows consisting of a lighter under base with darker single hair strokes.

Now the third generation eyebrows are here,  Sculpted Multi-Color Hair stroke eyebrows. 

 A combination of pen machine and hand tool these individually blended multi-colored strokes are perfectly placed to give the appearance of natural sculpted hair strokes. This combination allows the for better color absorption for less frequent touchups. Perfect for eyebrows with no hair.

sculpted eyebrow
sculpted eyebrow 2

Microstroke Layered Eyebrows                $400

Microstroke layered eyebrows is a hand tool method with a very fine cluster of needles. Hundreds of layered multi-length multi-colored fine curved strokes are placed one by one in multiple layers following the natural hair direction to give the appearance of natural looking hair. Perfect for the eyebrow with medium to sparse hair. 

microblading eyebrow before and after 1
microblading eyebrow before and after 2
microblading technique 1
microblading technique 2

Powdered Eyebrows                    $250

Powdered eyebrows are completely shaded in to portray a classic shadowed eyebrow that blends in naturally with or without hair.

powdered eyebrow 1

Tightlining Eyeliner                   $300

tightlining eyeliner before
tightlining eyeliner after

Tightlining eyeliner is where permanent eyeliner is applied into the lash line and in the area where the eyelid becomes the eye (waterline). 

This eyeliner technique makes the lashes appear to start further back on the eyelid, thus making them look longer, fuller, and thicker. It also emphasizes your eyes without emphasizing your eye makeup.


Eyeliner                               $300

A thin, fine line is applied to the lash line to enhance your eyes. 

eyeliner 1

Top/Bottom Eyeliner    $150

As shown, the eyeliner was touched up during a follow up appointment. There is minor swelling present. The eyebrows have faded naturally since the last touch up.

eyeliner 2
eyeliner 3

Scalp Enhancement                                     $500 to $1000

Scalp micro-pigmentation is an incredible new solution for hair loss. It is the act of playing and properly positioning pigment into the epidermal layer of the skin on the scalp. This process is used to restore hairlines, add density to thinning hair in men and women and camoflage any scars on the scalp. It is a unique technique that replicates hair follicles enhancing your appearance, making you look younger and givingyou back the confidence you may have lost due to hair loss.


Lip Liner                       $250

lip liner 1

After the initial application, the area around the lips may be red and swollen depending on the sensitivity of the skin.

This is a different degree of swelling around the lip liner. The outer edges of the lips may look raised and have a white line which will subside after 2-3 days.

lip liner 2

Following the initial procedure, the lip liner has healed with minimal fading.


Full Lip (Includes Lip Liner)                     $350

Full Lip

After the initial procedure, the full lip has completely healed, leaving a natural appearance.


Cheek Blush           $200

Eye Shadow            $200

Beauty Mark           $50

Corrective               $300 & up

    *Tattoo Camouflage, Areola Restoration*

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