Personalized Skincare

Made With You In Mind

Aqua Hydrating Facial          $85

4 Treatments for $300              (70 Minutes)

This age defying facial is effective at targeting fine lines, wrinkles, uneven tone, texture and dull/dingy skin. It helps to combat chronological aging.

Enzyme Whitening LED Facial         $100

4 treatments for $350      8 treatments for $600           (90 minutes)

An enzyme whitening facial combines the power of a Diamond Peel, an enzyme whitening mask, and an LED treatment to significantly lighten and diminish the signs of hyper-pigmentation.


Anti Aging Rejuvenation LED Facial       $80

5 treatments for $300      10 treatments for $500       (90 minutes)

To revitalize the skin, a rejuvenating facial restores the skin's vibrancy and suppleness. A collagen mask is applied to replenish healthy collagen tissue by reducing wrinkles, repair tone, and reverse aging. 

Min's Signature Facial      $65

5 treatments for $275     10 treatments for $500        (70 minutes)

A classic European facial that includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extractions (if needed) and a relaxing facial massage. A soothing mask completes the treatment followed by an application of toner and sunscreen.


Radio Frequency Lifting Facial      $100

5 treatments for $350      10 treatments for $550       (90 minutes)

For a highly effective treatment look no further than the innovative Radio Frequency Technology. This facial removes toxic waste, dissolves fat, improves circulation and relaxes facial muscles to help tighten and firm saggy cheeks.  

Diamond Peel Facial       $85

4 treatments for $300      10 treatments for $600  (70 minutes)

A skin refinishing facial which utilizes sterile diamond heads to abrade and exfoliate the top skin layer while removing dead skin, debris, and dirt. This treatment leaves skin smooth and free of facial imperfections. 


Microdermabrasion Facial      $75

4 treatments for $250    10 treatments for $500        (70 minutes)

Fine crystals gently resurface the skin by stimulating cell turnover for a smoother less lined appearance with more refined pores. 


All Facials Include

  • Paraffin Hand Dip Treatment

  • Massage on your neck, shoulders, back and scalp