Learn the Art of

Permanent Makeup

Apprenticeship program includes:


Hands on Training

  • Procedure Application
    • Powdered Eyebrow, Sculpted Eyebrow and Micro Blading
    • Eyeliner,  Tightliner
    • Lip Liner/Full Lip
    • Cheek Blush
    • Areola Restoration | Camouflage
  • Technical Application of Machine 
    • Proper Insertion
    • Accurate Needle depth

                            *Includes assembly and cleaning of the machine*

    Informational Learning

    • Color Theory
      • Pigment mixing between cosmetic ink and skin tones
    • Pain Control
      • Appropriate use of topical anesthesia
    • Health and Safety
      • Sterilization and Sanitation
    • Procedure Care
      • Information regarding proper after care instructions that must be advised to clients
    student training

    Gelly Training
    permanent make up ink
    microstroke microblading technique

     Min's technique uses multiple layers of 150 to 250 short strokes to make a more natural look.

           Classes We Offer

    6 month apprenticeship training
    6 month microblading training
    2 day microblading course